Opportunity in Oaxaca, Mexico

July 12, 2007

(click on to see and hear 4.35 minute video)

Good Morning Blog Readers,

We have visited Oaxaca City several times and hope to live in the area in the near future.  This Blog is an attempt to feature some of the wonderful features of the Oaxaca City area and the state of Oaxaca in general.  While the area has been in turmoil (and likely with much justification), it is in dire need of the support of “genuine tourists” if such tourists can find ways for their pesos to reach the ordinary citizens of the state. 

The attached U-Tube video has nice music but is not narrated.  Nevertheless, you can “hear” the words from the faces of the people that they need and appreciate genuine opportunities to support themselves. 

Stephen — Genuine Tourist.com


One comment

  1. Hi Steve and Pat,
    For some reason I cannot get any of your videos to play. They seem to download, but never go into “play” mode.


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