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I like to call myself the “Genuine-Tourist” and have a website specifically about my travels in general at — http://www.Genuine-Tourist.com . Here is a photo of myself “flagging” my first T-shirt promoting my “tourist” image —  

Silversard, THE "Genuine-Tourist"

Silversard, THE "Genuine-Tourist"

However, I now have an “official logo” based on a painting I purchased in Mexico. The next photo is of myself with the painter of the logo, Sharon, a 12 year old from Puebla, MX.

Sharon Cox, painter, and Silversard, Tourist

Sharon Cox, painter, and Silversard, Tourist

Ok, the above is a bit of a digression from the topic of Oaxaca. Oaxaca is one of our favorite places in Mexico.   We have visited Oaxaca City and surrounding villages many times over the past 10 years or so, sometimes for weeks at a time.   In addition, we have promoted the development of childrens’ libraries in Oaxaca city proper and are currently attempting to establish one in San Felipe, a few hours north of Huatulco high in the mountains. 

In addition to this blog, I own and manage a fairly large “yahoo group” about Oaxaca several hundred. Please check it out for a lot more information about Oaxaca by going to —


Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave coments.

Stephen, AKA, Silversard and Genuine-Tourist, Baraboo, WI when not in Mexico


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  1. I’m thinking of spending a few weeks in Oaxaca this coming winter but am worried it might have become overly developed and ‘tarted up’ for tourists in the many years since my last visit–in 1985 I believe, preceded by a much earlier visit in 1972 or 3. Any opinions on the subject will be welcome.

    Bob Lipman

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