We Are Returning To Mexico

October 15, 2008

This past winter we spent 4 months in Mexico and passed through Oaxaca, Oaxaca, three different times. We were able to spend some time with travel author Geri Anderson when in Oaxaca and made a day trip with her to Ixtlan to visit a trout farm. You can read about it by visiting this link —



During our 4 months in Mexico, we visited Veracruz, Xalapa, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Huautlco, sometimes more than once. We passed through the Puebla and Oaxaca bus stations several times and became more confident in our own abilities to travel in Mexico.

We are returning to Mexico January 22nd for a 3 plus month stay in 2009. While we will spend much of our time in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, we will probably “branch out” a bit depending upon various “missions” we might want to fulfill. We will start our journey by spending two or three days in FD (Mexico city) and explore it with a guide from Tlaxcala. Our journey will probably end on some beaches north of Veracruz, Veracruz.

Since our last trip to Mexico, I have posted about 100 SHORT videos about southern Mexico on YouTube which you can see at —



I will close with some photos taken in the former govenor’s palace building on the zocalo in Oaxca. We didn’t discover the building until our second visit to the city because it was heavily guarded by police with heavy weapons. However, the govenor has since moved out to minimize the amount of demonstrations on the zocalo (?) and the building is more accessible.

Photos of the murals in the Govenor’s former palace are just a click away — click here


Silversard and MsSardo – Genuine-Tourist(s).com

July 19, 2007

 Patricia and Stephen eating at El Biche Probe Restaurante

El Biche Probe Restaurante = The Poor Soul  (in Oaxaca City)

Silversard (Stephen) and MsSardo (Patricia) are two very excited people because WE are just about six months out from living in southern Mexico.  Here is “the Plan.”  We “leave on a jet plane” for Veracruz, Mexico, on 01-29-08, where we will spend a few days snorkelling before traveling by bus to the mountain city of Xalapa.  Upon arrival in Xalapa, we hope to take up residence in the city for one or two months.  We have never been to Veracruz or Xalapa and thought it would be nice to start our retirement in two new places in Mexico. 

After some time in Xalapa, we will travel to Oaxaca City, a city that we have visited several times.   We are interested in Oaxaca City for a possible residence but will be in a “traveler” mode on our first trip, attempting to see more of the “Central Valley” at a more leisurely pace than in times past.   

At some point in our explorations, we may “branch out” from Oaxaca City and travel to Puebla.  We have heard that the city has many nice parks, and we know from experience some very nice people.  Upon arrival in Puebla, we will be at about 6000 feet which should provide some relief from the “warming” temperatures.  

We may then turn our attention to a small city named Tlaxcala just a short distance to the east of Mexico City.  We would like to meet Bob Cox, an expatriate, who lives nearby and is a professional “genuine tourist” guide.  In recent weeks he has set up his first Yahoo Grupo about Tlaxcal which you can check out at — 


Of course, it may be even “hotter” by then, so we thought escaping to Tlaxcala at 7,200 feet may be offer some relief.  If not, I suppose we could just go higher 😉 Regardless, we will return to Oaxaca City by late May because we will need to fly back to Chicago, USA, in order to re-unite with our family and spend some of the summer traveling in the western USA. 

Our travels would not be complete, however, without spending some time on the southern Pacific coast in Huatulco, near Santa Cruz.  We have been visiting Huatulco since 1998 enjoy its small town, laid back atmosphere.  We hope to spend some time visiting with Roberto and Pauline of Hurricane Divers.  Roberto also recently launched at new Yahoo Grupo website at —


You might want to check out all of his newly posted underwater videos. 

You can follow us in our travels by checking us out at —


because it will direct you to websites that we are posting on during our travels.  Yes, sometimes it will take you to Xalapa (Jalapa) or Veracruz or Oaxaca City or Tlaxcala or Puebla or Huatulco . . . just try it and see, after January 29th.  Look for messages and photos posted by “Silversard” or “MsSardo.”


Opportunity in Oaxaca, Mexico

July 12, 2007

(click on to see and hear 4.35 minute video)

Good Morning Blog Readers,

We have visited Oaxaca City several times and hope to live in the area in the near future.  This Blog is an attempt to feature some of the wonderful features of the Oaxaca City area and the state of Oaxaca in general.  While the area has been in turmoil (and likely with much justification), it is in dire need of the support of “genuine tourists” if such tourists can find ways for their pesos to reach the ordinary citizens of the state. 

The attached U-Tube video has nice music but is not narrated.  Nevertheless, you can “hear” the words from the faces of the people that they need and appreciate genuine opportunities to support themselves. 

Stephen — Genuine Tourist.com


Hello world!

July 11, 2007
Woman In Red by Alan Goodin

Woman In Red by Alan Goodin

This site will operate as a “Photo” Blog, mainly, because Yahoo, in its “infinite wisdom” has decided to eliminate the ”Photo” section of Yahoo Grupos.   If you would like to add a photo, please e-mail the photo (as an attachment) WITH A WRITTEN DESCRIPTION to me at – Silversard@Yahoo.com   

You can view sample photos by clicking on ”PAGES — OAXACA PHOTOS +” on the right hand side of this page.  More pages and photos will be added in the weeks and months ahead.

The Yahoo Grupo website has over 300 members and is active.  Please visit it at –  http://www.OaxacaCity.net

Stephen — Genuine-Tourist.com