Vista Hermosa — A Mountain Swim and extras

Ever since I read an article by Geri Anderson, Travel Author, I have wanted to swim in the mountain swimming pools above Oaxaca. After almost 10 years of waiting, this “Genuine Tourist” made it! Yesterday, we found a “colectivo” at the second class bus station and for just 50 pesos for both my spouse and myself, we “motored” solo in the colectivo up to “Vista Hermosa” near San Augustin Etla. The taxi driver was very cordial and helped us with our Spanish during the half hour trip.

A very short distance from the taxi “sitio,” we toured a very old church building and a textile factory that has been converted into a “cultural center.” Here are photos of both of them.

Very old church building at Vista Hermosa in area of San Augustin Etla

The former textile factory turned into a cultural center (but empty)

We then went “down the street” (and then a sharp left) to an “Art Paper Factory” as seen in the next photo.

Working Paper Factory

So, I thought you might like to visit yourself a bit by way of video.

After all the touring we could handle, we walked some distance (bearing right) until we came to a swimming pool complex (balneario) and spent the afternoon refreshing ourselves in cool mountain water.

Unfortunately, the water slides did not have enough water to propel my “plump” body, but I tried as seen in the next photo.

I try a water slide.

However, if you MUST see me in action, here you go —> (click on video)

Well, I suppose that is all of the “eye candy” you can handle for one day, so I will sign out for now. But, I will be posting more in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Genuine Tourist, Silversard — also posting at — http://www.OaxacaCity.net


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