Women in Red — photos by Al Goodin

Expatriate, Al Goodin, shot the following photos and originally posted them on the “Oaxaca City — Streets and Shops” Yahoo Grupo at — http://www.OaxacaCity.net

The Church Lady - A favorite person

He seems to have an eye for the “Lady in the Red Dress.”  This above first photo is of an expatriate, Linda Martin, who conducts tours of area churches “with a bit of a twist.”  Everyone should take her tour while in Oaxaca!

Woman In Red — caring goods 

This “Woman in Red” appears to have a very special load in the basket on her head.


 A Dancing “Woman in Red”

 This is the “Dancing” Woman in Red


 Two Woman In Red
Two Woman in Red (found in Puerto Escondido)


The Woman in Red — The Merchant

A younger “Woman in Red” — The Merchant, Edith, also found in Puerto Escondido


The youngest “Woman in Red”

This is little “Woman in Red” will “rule” her parents, I predict!

But, all little girls grow up, and here is the “Church Lady In Heels” with whom we began this article.

These Red Heels Were Made For High Stepping!

These Red Heels Were Made For High Stepping!


And then the “Woman in Red” just “DEAD” from dancing 😉
Have You Ever Had A Night Like This — DEAD from DANCING  “Woman in Red”

Al Goodin, folks, and more about him can be found at —


— where he publishes  “Jaguar Speaks”, an  Online version of Zocalo Magazine,  which is released in Oaxaca, Mexico, quarterly.



  1. you always color so well I love them.

    • I love bring colors and contrast, most of the time. Photographing women is more than a hobby, it’s a place, like people who meditate and listen to waterfalls or ‘wind in the pine.” That’s cool but I can do that while photographing “Women in Red.” Morknme6@yahoo.com

      • There are certain colors that tend, when contrast, to actually go together; variations on reds and golds. Good to hear from you Joe. Keep checking Jaguar Speaks as sometimes I have info about Oaxacan events in the San Diego area. Lee

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